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Estate Planning Is For Everyone

Estate Planning is for the living healthy individual and family. Your life will most likely be filled with changes and therefore you need to understand that your Estate Plan is an ongoing lifelong process. As your life situations change, you need to make changes and update your plan as necessary to keep pace with your current life and the choices that go along with it. Full Focus Financial's partnership with Legacy Lock makes the process of protecting your family, simple, convenient and affordable.

Most do not realize it, but everyone already has an estate plan. The real question is how much control do you have? If you do not have a plan, then the government will impose one on your family. It will be slower, more expensive and lack any privacy. Most people are unaware how simple and easy it is to put a plan in place and take control over your legacy.

Everyone Has An Estate Plan

YOUR plan or the government's plan?

Estate Planning Is Important If:

Do YOU need an estate plan?

  • You own a business 
  • You own property in more than one state 
  • You have minor children or children with special needs
  • You have children from a previous relationship
  • Your spouse isn't comfortable handling financial matters 
  • You want to make significant charitable gifts
  • Estate tax is a concern 

legacy lock makes it easy to 

Protect Your Family

Estate Planning will enable you to make decisions regarding guardianship over any minor children or adult disabled children you may have. Estate Planning will also give you a peace of mind in knowing that you have removed a huge burden of stress that would face your family and loved ones at some point in me in your life. You can be comfortable in knowing that your desires can be carried out in an efficient manner.

Tax Planning Strategies

Many people know their estate plans are NOT in order but believe they are too busy and that they will get to their estate plan “when they have the time.” If you have been saying that to yourself, please act now to put an estate plan in order.

Estate planning itself is a very broad topic and cannot be covered in an introduction web-page. Therefore, we have listed a few of the more important topics that are typically not dealt with properly in most estate plans. We encourage you to click on the links below as well as the links in the estate planning drop-down menu at the of the page. We are confident that this site will help you learn more about estate planning and we hope you will contact us to help put together a complete plan that covers not only your estate plan but also your asset protection plan and financial plan.

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