• Reduce Operational Drag  
  • Reduce Participant Fees
  • Reduce Company Liability
  • Put More Money into Pockets Of Employees  

What Are the Benefits?

Protecting Your Employee's Retirement From Mismanagement

Full Focus Financial is one of a few companies that focuses on the protection of employee sponsored retirement programs such as employee 401(k) accounts. For all companies large and small, we provide administrative services to ensure your employees retirement is protected and maximized. Full Focus Financial will provide each prospect (client) a customized Executive Summary, analyzing the Retirement Plan Performance, with the following information:

  • Identify any Red Flags
  • Compare ratings for ROR & Fees with hundreds of like-sized companies
  • Estimated Savings available with reduced fees

Full Focus Financial has expanded our team to be able to provide the services employees need at the thousands of companies that today have 401(k) programs that have been completely mismanaged. We are VERY concerned at the thousands of dollars lost by real people and real families on unnecessary fees and severely underperforming funds. We care too much about the fathers, mothers, and grandparents that are negatively affected to address this in half measure. We are reaching out to you so that you can secure a spot so that we can share with you EXACTLY what is going on at YOUR company in black and white and dollars and seconds since this information is available to the public.

We are confident we can reduce the overall plan cost by 32% – 65% AND take away 99% of the day-to-day management of the plan.


Reduce Your Operational Drag TODAY!

Full Focus Financial will take care of most all the administrative services your company is saddled with today!

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