Due to our partnership with Admin316, we are able to provide you with a trusted retirement plan expert. The biggest problem today is that most plan sponsors do not know what they are responsible for and the employees that are managing the day-to-day activities of the plan are not qualified to manage the plan.

Since their beginning in 1997, they have been focused on helping their business partners, plan sponsors, and participants meet their unique retirement goals through proactive account management and exceptional customer service. We together will protect the integrity of your retirement plan.

Why We Partner With Admin316

It is the mission of Admin316 to assist in implementing and administering customized retirement plan solutions that meet and exceed the employer retirement plan goals. Their friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff, partners with best-in-class plan providers and plan advisors to ensure our plan sponsors receive the maximum benefit from our combined expertise, advanced resources, and exceptional attention to detail.



As an industry-leading retirement plan solutions provider, Admin316 will assist our plan advisors and plan sponsors in meeting their unique plan design goals, while building on our reputation for proactive plan consolation and exception customer service. Our goal is to take away 98% of the fiduciary responsibility from the plan sponsor, 99% of the day-to-day operations of the plan, reduce the cost of the plan by 32% – 65%, and to increase participation to 95% minimal.

Six Simple Truths Every Plan Sponsor Should Know

Yes, it is true. You are a fiduciary.

You must understand all plan fees.

You need to ask the right questions of your current provider and benchmark your plan.

You should maintain your Investment Policy Statement.

You are required to monitor your Plan.

You are the listed fiduciary and individually responsible.

Most Companies Currently Have Legal Liability for 401(k) Program Oversight...
We are here to help fix it!

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